PlastRetard - gypsum retarder - additive for gypsum

PlastRetard® is a multifunctional additive used in plaster and Plasterboard production, manufactured since over 25 years in SICIT 2000 S.p.A., a chemical industry part of SICIT Group.


SICIT 2000 S.p.A is worldwide leader in manufacturing products for the building industry (multifunctional additives for gypsum formulations). SICIT 2000 S.p.A. owns two production sites and counts on the daily commitment of over 100 employees who formulate and manufacture all its products.


INTESA Holding Group has its headquarter in Chiampo, north-east of Italy.
INTESA Holding Group controls SICIT 2000 S.p.A., company in charge of the manufacturing of all our products and SICIT Chemitech, an engineering company which takes care of the quality control and R&D.


WHY USING PlastRetard® as your gypsum additive

PlastRetard®is used in all kinds of gypsum and for all kinds of applications: hand plaster, machine plaster, jointing fillers, dental plaster, Gypsum blocks…

PlastRetard® is widely used also in the Plasterboard industry. Nowadays is used by most of Plasterboard plants exploiting all its technical properties:

- High activity at low dosages;
- Obtaining a cleaner mixer;
- Increasing the fluidity of the stucco;

PlastRetard® is a natural, biodegradable product, that guarantees to your workers and final users safe products of high quality.



PlastRetard® is at present the mostly used multifunctional additive in the gypsum industry. It is also used by all Multinational Groups worldwide.

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additive used in plaster

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