PlastRetard - Quality in retarder for gypsum

PlastRetard - gypsum

The multifunctional additive and retarder for gypsum

  RETARDS the set of the gypsum
  INCREASES fluidity
  GIVES a more homogeneous final product
  HIGH PERFORMANCE at low dosage

PlastRetard® is the most used Retarder “additive” in the gypsum industry worldwide.

PlastRetard® is manufactured and commercialized in powder and in liquid form.

PlastRetard® in powder form is called PlastRetard PE. PlastRetard PE is used to produce all gypsum based formulations for any application (hand plaster, machine plaster, jointing fillers, finishing plaster, etc..).

PlastRetard® L (liquid retarder) is only used for Plasterboard and gypsum blocks production.

In Plasterboard® production PlastRetard® L, besides working as a retarder, acts also as a fluidizer, increasing the fluidity of the stucco. These properties allow to lower the dosage of the fluidizer and/or diminish the water dosage, increasing the productivity of the dryer. As a consequence, this will decrease the production costs of the gypsum board.

The retarding performance of PlastRetard® in the final formulation is correlated with its dosage with a linear function.

PlastRetard® PE, independently by the type of stucco, will optimize your gypsum based formulations, permitting with few test to fine tune the setting time according to the needs of the final users.

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additive and retarder for gypsum

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